The reflection of the spirit of Tartu  in Helsinki

On Thursday, January 23, seventeen Tartu children’s writers books, translated into Finnish, were presented at the Embassy. All books were published by Lector Publishing House. The guests were welcomed by Ambassador Harri Tiido, publishing director Aivo Blum and editor Jaana Palanterä, who drew attention to the need to read paper books and stressed the good content in Estonian children’s literature. „If books are read in childhood, there’s a hope, books will be read, when these children have grown up,“ said Ambassador Tiido.

The writers Heiki Vilep, Tia Navi, Kristina Ruder and Mika Keränen spoke about their books, the spirit of Tartu, the importance of the role of illustrators and the need for children’s feedback. The lively conversation and discussion in Estonian and Finnish was facilitated by Kaisu Lahikainen, translator of Mika Keränen’s works, and translator Petteri Aarnos.

Ambassador Harri Tiido greeting the quests


Standing from left: publishing director Aivo Blum and editor Jaana Palanterä


From left: translator Kaisu Lahikainen, writers Tia Navi, Mika Keränen, Kristina Ruder and Heiki Vilep