Design at the Embassy

Once again, Embassy of Estonia in Helsinki opened its doors to design. On September 9, 2019, Estonian fashion designer and environmental activist Reet Aus and Head Designer of Finnish fashion brand Nanso Noora Niinikoski had a lively and playful discussion about design, fashion, environment, childhood and inspiration. Anni Korkman, the Programme Director of Helsinki Design Week, moderated the discussion. Along with the design discussion, Estonian Ambassador in Finland Harri Tiido briefly introduced the historic embassy building.

From left: Noora Niinikoski, Reet Aus, Anni Korkman, Harri Tiido

Reet Aus is a fashion designer and a pioneer in the field of industrial upcycling for fashion and has developed the UPMADE® certification in order to pass on her knowledge to brands and factories.

Noora Niinikoski is Nanso’s Head Designer and is responsible for leading the design team and product design. She has a diverse experience in fashion as both with her own brand designer and as head of the design team.

The event was part of the Helsinki Design Week’s Design Diplomacy discussion series, which open the doors to embassies and ambassadors’ residences.