Exhibition “Estonian War of Independence 1918-1920. Estonia’s Allies”

On September 10, 2019, Chief of Staff of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces Brigadier General Veiko-Vello Palm opened the exhibition “Estonian War of Independence 1918-1920. Estonia’s Allies” at the Military Museum in Helsinki. In his opening words, he briefly touched upon the history of the Estonian War of Independence, its meaning and the important role of Estonia’s allies – a role that has not lost its meaning over time. The director of the Military Museum Harri Huusko also gave a welcome speech.

From left: Veiko-Vello Palm and Harri Huusko

The Estonian War of Independence was one of the many independence wars during the aftermath of World War I on the periphery of the collapsing Russian Empire. The exhibition introduces the role of the British naval squadron as well as Finnish, Danish and Swedish volunteers during the war. Along with the exhibition, there is an opportunity to see the military badges from Pertti Ramstedt’s collection.

The exhibition is a joint project of Estonian War Museum and Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition is open at the Militaty Museum (Suomenlinna C 77, Helsinki) until October 15, 2019.