Exhibition of Estonian painting at the embassy

Tuesday 11.01.2022 to Thursday 30.06.2022
Estonian Embassy in Helsinki

The choice of Estonian painting in the beautiful interior of the embassy bears the general name “Estonian elements”, this is the initial impulse given to the exhibition by the Estonian coastline, which embodies the walls of Embassy halls. However, from the first thoughts of the curators, it was clear that an attempt should be made to “speak” in depth, highlighting: the cognition, the analytical thought and the emotional affection that binds artists to our nature. To follow and capture that invisible “something” and the inexplicable “drive,” which, however, is the basis of human cognition and the driving force behind any creative action. In this way, the works here are expressing  the crispness of nature, the wildness, the superhuman beauty and mysticism, while relying on the handwriting and attention of various authors and passing on to the viewer the possibilities of immediate experiences.

“Estonian elements” is an exposition that opens the long-awaited co-operation activities of the Estonian Painters` Association and Helsinki Artists’ Association: seven review exhibitions, introducing the best of painting from two countries, will take place in Helsinki, Tallinn and Pärnu in the year 2022.

Participants in the exhibition:

Jaan Elken, Saskia Järve, Jüri Kask, Vilen Künnapu, Lilian Mosolainen, Maarit Murka, Karl-Kristjan Nagel, Mall Nukke, Katrin Piile, Alar Tuul, Toomas Vint.

Curators Mall Nukke and Tiiu Rebane.

The exhibition is on view by appointment only:

Tel: +35896220260
e-post: [email protected]

Photos of the exhibiton: Mall Nukke




Tuesday 11.01.2022 to Thursday 30.06.2022
Estonian Embassy in Helsinki