Foreign Ministry recognises citizen diplomats on Citizen’s Day

On 26 November, or Citizen’s Day, the Foreign Ministry presented certificates of honour to citizen diplomats and NGOs to recognise their significant contribution to advancing Estonian language, culture and business in the world.

“The Estonians and friends of Estonia who have made it their mission to preserve Estonian cultural identity in their country of residence help increase the greatness and power of our country beyond its geographical size. On this Citizen’s Day, I would like to thank all of these dedicated and enthusiastic citizen diplomats – your contribution is invaluable for Estonia,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said.

The Foreign Ministry issues certificates of honour for citizen diplomacy on Citizen’s Day for the tenth time. The certificate is presented to individuals or non-governmental organisations who have made long and notable efforts to preserve Estonian language, culture and spirit, or promoted Estonia’s business environment, digital society and business culture, thus contributing to enhancing Estonia’s profile in their country of residence on a voluntary basis.

The Citizen’s Day is celebrated on 26 November because on this day in 1918, the Estonian Provincial Assembly issued its first regulation on Estonian citizenship. The aim of the Citizen’s Day is to raise awareness about the status of a citizen and increase civic pride.

The Foreign Ministry would like to thank and recognise:

ESTO 2019 Helsinki Committee – for the successful organisation of the ESTO 2019 events in Helsinki and preserving Estonian cultural identity

Kirsi Äyräs – for her devoted work in advancing Estonian-Finnish relations and introducing Estonian culture in the Turku region

From left: Dagmar Õunap, Maris Vaher, Tuuli-Emily Liivat, Ülle Priks, Lee Laurimäe, Riitta Mänty, Mari-Liis Hendrikson, Annika Madisson, Sirle Sööt, Siret Soop, Ilona Kolberg, Annela Liivat.


Kirsi Äyräs