Special travel information announcement: Finland updated its ferry traffic recommendations, with transit set to continue

The Finnish government announced it would extend the measures introduced to contain the spread of coronavirus until 13 May. Finland also updated information on travel options, and it includes a recommendation for ferry companies to suspend the sale of tickets for regular passengers on the Tallinn-Helsinki route between 11 April and 13 May.

Passengers who wish to transit through Finland from more distant destinations to return to Estonia are still allowed to do so. Freight is also set to continue.

According to the latest information, the updates will take effect on Friday night. Estonian citizens with a registered right of residence in Finland can still enter the country; however, from Saturday 11 April, the Tallink Group vessels Baltic Princess and Galaxy will no longer take on passengers travelling by foot or with cars to Finland from Estonia and Sweden.

Travel is allowed for people providing essential services, such as healthcare professionals, rescue workers, people providing care for the elderly and hauliers. Anyone travelling for essential work must present a permanent contract of employment at the border, proving that they are travelling for essential work. Whether entry to the country is essential or not is determined by the Finnish Border Guard. The requirement to self-isolate for 14 days is still in force.

Finnair will be flying between Tallinn and Helsinki according to necessity. Tallink has assured that passengers travelling by foot or with cars will still be allowed to board in Finland to go to Estonia and Sweden. We recommend contacting ferry companies and Finnair for more detailed information.

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Additional information:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia
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