Applying for a Visa

NB! Due to COVID-19 there are restrictions to accepting visa applications as border crossing is limited (Government Order No. 169)

As Finland and Estonia are both Schengen area countries we do not issue short term Schengen (type C) visas at Estonian Embassy in Helsinki. We only accept D-visa applications if there are specific circumstances as it is possible for a long-term visa application to be submitted in Estonia. In order to do so the person must have a legal basis to stay in the Schengen area of Europe. If one lives in Finland, he or she can travel to other Schengen area countries, including Estonia.

However, if one does not have legal basis to stay in the Schengen area then Estonian Embassy outside Schengen area should be contacted in order to apply for a visa or a temporary residence permit.

For further information regarding visas and traveling to Estonia, please consult the homepage of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please note that in Helsinki we only make reservations for visa applications via e-mail or by phone (not through the online booking system available for other consular services).